Manirimdu Festival Trek

Mani Rimdu festival combine trek offered by Himalayan Leaders. For those who are interested to combine trek with some glimpse of festival of Nepal. This is the perfect trek for them. We start our trek after 45-minute excellent mountain flight from Kathmandu. After having some wonderful day in mountain we get to Tanboche where this festival will take place. Amplified by the clear mountain air, the cacophony of sound is deafening. Conversation becomes impossible and all attention turns to the temple entrance, whence a procession of solemn faced monks is emerging. Dressed in orange silk robes, and with yellow crescent-shaped hats perched precariously on their heads, they carry an assortment of instruments including bugles made from human bones, giant conch shells and long, brass horns.
These horns, known locally as dun chen, issue the deep, hoarse notes that herald the unforgettable festival. Every year, in the Khumbu region of Nepal, the monks of Tengboche Monastery enact this Buddhist Dance Drama. The site of this high altitude entertainment is the temple, or gompa, within the monastery itself. Situated on a generous plateau at an altitude of almost four thousand metres, the gompa is crowned by some of the highest mountains in the world: Thamserku (6608m), Kangteiga (6779m), Taboche (6542m) and two kilometers or so away, the summit of Mount Everest (8848m) peers above the Lhotse-Nuptse Wall.